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Note that these links are to Missouri, but their adoptables are sheltered at a home in Shawnee Mission, KS. The Kansas City Ferret Hotline and Shelter was founded in March, 1992. The original goal was to provide education for the pet community by placing an informational brochure in veterinary offices, and pet stores. But the ferrets started coming in and nothing has ever stemmed the flow.

Originally the shelter was in the basement of the director’s house in Kansas City, Mo. In 1994, a sunroom which was specifically configured for the ferrets with many windows, tile floors, separate sinks, and immediate access to the laundry room was added onto the house. We then could accommodate up to 90. Although this was severely tested in the fall of 2001 by the sudden arrival of 48 confiscated foundlings, we usually maintained a census of between 40 and 50.

Currently our ferrets are permanently or temporarily housed in foster homes throughout the metropolitan area. Most of our adoptables are sheltered at a home in Shawnee Mission, Ks. The capacity there is 20-30 ferrets.

PO Box 186
Manhattan, KS 66505
785 456-8337 or 785 317-0078
Troy Lynn Eckart, Primary contact

Ferret Family Services (FFS) of Manhattan, Kansas is a domestic ferret information, education, and welfare public service organization founded by Troy Lynn Eckart in 1987.

Housing has been been specifically set up for ferrets in two special, free-roam bedrooms. There is also a special “ferret-safe” outdoor enclosure and plenty of play areas. Special needs ferrets are provided life-time care.

In addition to her duties with FFS, Troy Lynn is also active in the national ferret and animal welfare community.

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