Ferret Shelters – Louisiana

Woogie Wescue
Director: James Falkner
Baton Rouge, LA
225 663-9466

Woogs usually come to us for a few specific reasons; somebody bought one and it was more trouble than they thought, the woog bites, they don’t get along with the other pets or children, they’re too messy, etc…
Recently, I have had a rash of woogs that have been found loose in the wild.
One just wandered in the back door of some people’s house in Pumpkin Center, wandered around for a minute, then curled up on the couch between the husband and wife, and went to sleep like it had lived there all its life.
Another was found just wandering around the lady’s backyard, with no apparent purpose.

1037 Landry Road
Breaux Bridge, LA
337 444-6468 or 303 520-9330

We are Louisiana’s ONLY ferret rescue and education site for Acadiana and the surrounding areas in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. We are located in Opelousas, Louisiana and rescue only ferrets. Our primary goals are to rescue ferrets in need, adopt them out to a good forever home, hospice the ill and dying ferrets and to educate the public on ferrets and ferret care.

We will never separate bonded ferrets. Adoption is easy! Send us a message for details.


Fuzzie Friends Rescue and Shelter
478 Shenandoah Drive
Shreveport, La 71115
318 469-3643


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