Ferret Shelters – Minnesota

Director: Laura Palmer Stillwater, MN
612 439-5209

We started “rescuing” ferrets who needed a home in the St. Croix Valley in 1995. By March 1996, our intake had reached a volume making it necessary to go beyond being a rescue and becoming an actual shelter. When a national pet store chain moved into the metro area in 1997 and flooded the area with little fur angels, our intake increased over 400%, as did the phone calls from newbie “furkid” owners looking for help because their furkids weren’t quite the “just like a kitten or a puppy” the pet store people had said they would be. In 2002 we got a 501(c)(3) and became an officially recognized non-profit organization.

are of course our primary concern. While we do take in ferrets, we are overflowing at the moment. Ferrets while they are here with us get their distemper shots, needed surgeries and medical care (such as adrenal and insulinoma), and any nip/bite training and other rehabilitation. Of course they also get play time, attention, shelter, food, water, toys and all that other good stuff!

Unfortunately most of the ferrets who come into our shelter become permanent residents. Usually becase of nothing more awful than they happen to be over a year and a half of age and/or have a ferret friend that both need to go to the same home. Please, when you are looking to adopt, consider the “older” ferrets. They are just as loving, fun, and beautiful as young ones, and need homes too.

Several educational programs were instituted under our “Ferret Support Network” in an effort to meet the needs of an increasing population of ferret owners with little or no knowledge of how to properly care for these unique critters. Ferrets are wonderful pets and those of us who live “in the Company of Ferrets” can’t imagine life without them. They aren’t, however, the right pet for everyone, as is obvious by the numbers that find their way to our doors.

We are housed in a private home, by appointment only, rather than a free standing building open to the public.
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Director: Caryn Cruz
Anoka, MN
763 443-4643
Email: mnferretrescue at gmail.com

Shelter is a 501(c)3 organization. spacer800x50

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