Ferret Shelters – Mississippi

Raisins From Heaven Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary

Director: Maren E Qualls
Hernando, MS
901 335-6536

Raisins is a small, in-home ferret shelter that was established in August of 2002, the day following the death of our beloved first ferret, Precious. We started this shelter in her honor. She too was a rescued, throw-away ferret who left us too soon. We are proud that Raisins has taken in nearly 275 ferrets in the nearly 12 years of operation. Not all ferrets have been adopted – some due to illness, advanced age, or behavior problems remain here as “lifers.” And we remember the precious little ones who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and now dance with the other sweet souls who passed before them. Their earthly bodies are buried in our Memorial Garden. Raisins is a ferret rescue as well as a ferret sanctuary. We take in all ferrets that come to us either as a surrender or as a stray found and taken to local animal shelters around the area. No ferrets are ever turned away and all ferrets receive clean cages and bedding, proper food and water, treats, toys, playtime every day, the very best of vet care, and love every day. Medical treatment is never denied no matter the illness. We are a ferret advice and information resource as well as a referral service to ferret-wise veterinarians in the tri-state area. We are not veterinarians and do not offer medical advice. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect an illness or medical condition in your ferret.


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