Ferret Shelters – Nevada

387 Oak Spring Ct.
Henderson, NV 89003
702 943-0848

Angel Ferret Shelter Services was established in 1997 to provide a happy and safe environment for unwanted, lost, or abandoned pet domestic ferrets.

We operate a shop were you can purchase items for you and your ferret. In this manner we are able to support our shelter without having to solicit funds from the general public.

We offer a wide range of services including adoptions, mobile grooming, long and short term boarding, cage setups, and complimentary informational brochures and care guides.

The care our ferrets receive is perpetual. We keep in touch with them and their new families and give advice were needed. We also love to hear about their exciting new adventures! Please feel free to contact us via email, with any questions, or to set up a time to visit our shelter.


Las Vegas, NV 89112

We are a Non-Profit hospice/rehab shelter for Ferrets and are now covered by federal 501(c)(3), charitable status. Donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go directly to the care and maintance of the Ferrets……….food, cages, and the biggest expense – vet bills. There are no “middle men” and no paid employees, just Ferrets in need.

We no longer have any ferrets living with us and due to a deadly virus can not take any in. This website is staying up for your information to help you with your little friend.

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