Ferret Shelters – Wyoming

Director: Randy Schein
PO Box 304
Guernsey, WY
307 836-2037
 Ferrets Dook
The Wyoming NO KILL Ferret Rescue is located in Guernsey, Wyoming is a non-profit shelter that does not ask for donations or gifts. We pay for all food, medical and other special needs from my paycheck – even the gas to go pick ferrets up. If a person would like to help out, no money is accepted – just playthings, food, etc. The only thing we ask for is a Ferret that needs our help.

We will take in any Ferret that is unwanted, sick, starving, old, weak, biting or attacking; blind, deaf, pregnant, severely injured, lame, missing body parts, cancer, or too young. We take ferrets from people that are moving, from those with housing leases which say no pets, lost and found , and those whose owner has died – any ferret that needs a home ETC.

Our Ferrets are cared for 24 hours a day.

Ferrets love fresh water and it is changed every 2 hours. Thier food is dry and enriched in protein. They do get special treats. All the ferrets are in a specialized room that the temperature, humidity and air is purified. The only Ferrets that go in a cage is when they are sick or just arrived and an evaluation of their health is pending.

Ferrets must get exercise. They go on walks in another room and when the weather is warm they go for walks on a leash.

When a Ferret needs medical care it is immediately taken to a Ferret Veterinarian.

All ferrets donated and rescued are held in confidentiality. Even when someone calls our hotline about a Ferret that is being abused, your name will not being given to Law Enforcement. Also if you know some one that is shooting Black Footed Ferrets, which is a endangered species, or Poisoning them please call us right away.

We do not pay for Ferrets as this is a rescue shelter. Only under very certain circumstances we will purchase a ferret.

If a Ferret dies it is buried in a pet cemetery and a regular funeral takes place.

We also will do Ferret sitting for people going on vacation or family emergencies.



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