Ferret Shelters – Nebraska

Cherokee Ferret Rescue and Shelter

513 South 35th Street
Omaha, NE 68105-1312
402 933-5109

The mission of Cherokee Ferret Rescue and Shelter is to provide homes for and education about the domestic ferret in the midwest. Our personal motto is “If we can only save but one more”. I personally have 38 ferrets in my care and I love each and every one. Being part Cherokee and working on my tribal affiliation card, I hold a high regard for all life, and the treatment of animals. I will spare no expense to save the life of a ferret, and will do all I can to keep all ferrets in good and proper, loving and caring homes, and to educate all those with any desire to know more and the truth about the noble ferret.
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Lincoln, NE
402 742-7543

No further contact info available at this time.

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