Ferret Shelters – New York


Director: Anjelica Howe
New York, NY
607 334-9510

spacer800x50 Empire Ferrets

Ridgewood, NY
917 324-0594
Email: empireferrets at yahoo.com


Director: Maggie Houseman
Tonawanda, NY
716 348-8119
Email: maggies_58 at hotmail.com

Ferret Rescue

Yonkers area, New York
914 476-1370

Ferret Rescue is a privately funded shelter located in the Yonkers, New York area located in a private home.

P.O. Box 698
7835 State Route 21
Naples, NY 14512

Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue and Shelter is a no-kill ferret shelter in upstate New York that maintains the highest standard of care. No ferret will be turned away due to illness, age or condition. Approximately 50 ferrets live here, some awaiting adoption and some enjoying their whole lives here.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ferrets

94 Jeffery Lane
Oceanside, NY 11572-5936
516 536-6615

Foster homes are strictly for emergencies only. All others remain in their homes until a suitable new home is found.

We are an educational organization that does adoptions, rescue work and placement of ferrets.We operate strictly as an adoption agency. When someone is giving up a ferret for whatever reason the ferret becomes listed with us and remains with their current home until we are able to place the little one in a new home. Those seeking to adopt must go through our adoption process to see if you would be a suitable home.

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