Ferret Shelters – Utah

Utah Critter Sanctuary & Ferret & Mink Rescue Shelter, Inc.
801 808-1145

We’re Utah’s only 501(c)3, non-profit, no-kill exotic critter sanctuary. We’re the only sanctuary in the state that has on staff experts that have over 41 years specializing in the care and transport of exotic critters. We deal mainly with the stress and depression that is life threading to exotic pets when moved from one home to another. We also are the only sanctuary in the state that will never split up bond pairs or cage-mates that are surrendered into the sanctuary together.

Also any items that are turned in with any animal will stay with that pet and go with them to their new home. We will not sell any animals items separately from that pet like other shelters do.

We are celebrating our 44 anniversary this year. How the years fly when you’re having so much fun loving on all the critters that have passed through our doors. We opened our doors as a reptile sanctuary on 1-01-70 then added the birds and later the ferrets and it just kept building from there. Due to the high cost of fuel and our trucks are gas hogs we are no longer able to offer free pick up of surrendered pets and we will as of 01/01/2012 be charge a surrendering fee to help off set the cost of their check up and vaccines. All ferrets/mink are housed in a home environment at the sanctuary. We find this warm, loving home style environment make the pets in our care less stressful. It gives us the ability to get to know the pet’s true personality so we can match pets perfectly to its forever home.

We are a 24-7 emergency rescue and care clinic for sick, injured, abused, healthy, abandon, homeless, lost and found ferrets or mink. Any temperament or in any condition call us we’re willing to help. If you have a medical emergency you will need to take the pet to a Veterinary Hospital in your area ASAP. Do not wait to try and get a hold of us if the animal is sick get it to a vet.


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