Playtime is Necessary for a Happy, Healthy Ferret

Four hours of free-roam playtime is needed for your fuzzbutt to be happy and healthy. That time can – and should – be spread out over smaller increments as much as possible because ferrets don’t typically play full-throttle for hours. They play and then nap. Nap and then play. They will adjust their behavior a lot for their humans, but multiple, shorter playtimes are idea.

Ferrets love to play with their ferret buddies, but don’t forget how important their humans are to them, too. There are so many simple ways to play with your ferret! After all, ferrets are the Play Masters of the animal kingdom! An old slip or nightgown is a great toy! Drag it across your fur-kid until he dances and rolls on the floor to ‘fight’ with it. When she climbs onto the slip, give them a ‘towel ride’ across the room. Not too fast, especially in the beginning.

A walk-in shower, if you have one, is a ferret bonanza! Make sure the stream of water hits the shower wall, not where the ferret will get it right in the face. Of course, be sure the water is not too hot! Or too cold, although that’s less likely to happen. WARNING: Many of the drain covers in a walk-in shower can be loosened and pulled out by an unattended fuzzie! That’s a death trap! Instinct will likely send your baby down that tube to die. Never, ever allow your ferret access to a walk-in shower without your constant supervision!



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