Safe Bedding

Ferrets adore super soft, plush, silky, or fuzzy things! Make sure that your fur-kid’s ‘fingernails’ are kept trimmed. Infrequent trimming raises the risk of the nails splitting and then catching in material. Depending on where this happens and how the material is secured, your ferret can injure herself badly trying to escape. Typically, the worst result is a bloody, sore nail – but they can damage their shoulder or hip sockets by twisting and turning to break free if the material is anchored.

We’ve seldom seen our ferrets get stuck in wool, short-napped fleece, or nylon and never (yet) seen them get stuck in canvas. The fake-fur-like material often used for hammocks has trapped our babies often enough that we no longer use those! They are great until they’ve been washed too much. The very best ‘material’ that we’ve found – never traps a baby – is real fur. NO – no one wants to support the fur trade, but you’ll sometimes find an old coat in the thrift store that can be used.

One rule to always remember: Never say never when discussing ferrets! Be mindful and do your best.

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