Ferret Shelters – by State

To submit a ferret shelter for inclusion, please Contact Ferrets Dook.  This is a free service.  All possible attempts are being made to verify current shelter listings as active.  Thank you for your patience as we upload data.

As a special note – some ferret shelter directories make statements that all info found on their site belongs to them.  Ferrets Dook is overjoyed to share these listings with everyone!  EVERYONE!  Please, use them.  Share them.  Add to them.  Share your lists with others.  This is for the ferrets, right? <3

Alabama                                                                                               Missouri
Alaska                                                                                                   Montana
Arizona                                                                                                 Nebraska
Arkansas                                                                                              Nevada
California                                                                                             New Hampshire
Colorado                                                                                              New Jersey
Connecticut                                                                                         New Mexico
Delaware                                                                                              New York
District of Columbia                                                                           North Carolina
Florida                                                                                                  North Dakota
Georgia                                                                                                Ohio
Hawaii                                                                                                  Oklahoma
Idaho                                                                                                    Oregon
Illinois                                                                                                   Pennsylvania
Indiana                                                                                                 Rhode Island
Iowa                                                                                                      South Carolina
Kansas                                                                                                  South Dakota
Kentucky                                                                                              Tennessee
Louisiana                                                                                             Texas
Maine                                                                                                   Utah
Maryland                                                                                             Vermont
Massachusetts                                                                                    Virginia
Michigan                                                                                              Washington
Minnesota                                                                                           West Virginia
Mississippi                                                                                           Wyoming


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